Platanias, Greece.

This is the place, where you find the partner shops, that you can use your PremeCard in. 

We do our best, to pick the right partners for our customers. We allso believe that, good communication betreen customer and partner is the way forward. Happy Holiday!




Astrea Restaurant

astrea res.PNG



Plus Rock N Rose

plus rock and rose.PNG

Clothes Store


Souvenir Shop





splendid dis.PNG

Sport & Watersport


Butik 11

Done Deal

Butik 12

Done Deal

Car & Bike Rental 


Butik 13

Done Deal

Butik 14

Done Deal

Jewelry Store


Butik 15

Done Deal

Butik 16

Done Deal

Spa & Cosmetic


Butik 17

Done Deal

Butik 18

Done Deal



Butik 19

Done Deal

Butik 20

Done Deal

Boat & Train Trip


Butik 21

Done Deal

Butik 22

Done Deal